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Vietnam is a country of craftsmen, with its weavers, embroiderers and metal smiths forming a diverse cultural mosaic. But industrialization and globalization have altered this landscape, pushing many of these traditional trades to the brink of extinction. Recognizing how priceless and irreplaceable these skills are, Alan has sought out top artisans to carve, shape and stitch the Mosaique line.

In doing so, she has imagined new applications for these time-tested skills. Bronze casters who once created altar decorations now make furniture, birdcage builders produce lamps, and Ao Dai painters decorate silk fixtures – just a few of the newly found applications for forgotten talents.

“I’m attracted to techniques that are fading away, the things that are right in front of people but that they take for granted, and I adapt them into new products,” she says.
Alan travels to craft villages around Vietnam in search of the finest in each trade, sometimes spending years to find the right match.
“I have to find the best. The people I work with love and take pride in what they do, but they have to be willing to experiment. Through loyalty and trust, we form relationships that stand the test of time”.


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  • November 15th 2018 - 8pm