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“I love antiques, I love bright colors, I love art, I love modern fashion – I put all of these elements into my designs”, Alan says. “I combine motifs and styles that people would never think could go together.”
Made from materials ranging from bamboo to wood to silk, and embellished with funky touches like fur, beads, leather and velvet, Mosaique’s handcrafted products are an unforgettable blend of beauty and simplicity, sensuality and practicality. Whether an ornately constructed opium bed or a finely detailed lacquer piece, Mosaique creations are designed to catch the eye.
By combining traditional Vietnamese styles with modern methods and materials, Alan Duong  has forged a design approach that is deeply rooted in the past yet always pushing forward.
“I love things that are feminine and sensual. But looks aside, things must also be practical. My design approach is very much my personality. It’s very me”.
Bold, playful, relaxed, inviting: like Alan Duong herself, Mosaique products add a touch of sparkle and class to any space, whether at home or at work


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  • November 15th 2018 - 8pm